Thursday, September 25, 2008


Samantha Rolled OVER!! I'm pretty sure it was an accident because she started fussing. hehe. But I was SO excited. I probably scared her to death. She is changing and growing everyday. 3 months old and already over 15 pounds.
School is going well. I'm finally falling into the swing of things. I have some pretty good kids and a few tough kids but that's the nature of the game. I have one paraprofessional that I'm having a hard time with but it's really neat to see things change when you make an effort to notice and appreciate someone who needs a little extra attention.
My "nanny" is amazing. The kids love her and she has so much fun with them. She writes in a mommy journal for me everyday so I can feel a part of the things I miss while I'm at school. For instance, "Dang, your kid can eat! I made a box of pasta roni knowing it would be enough for the two of us. He ate more than me and then I had to make another box!" Or, "Samantha was all smiles and giggles today. I couldn't even feed her because she just kept smiling and laughing." It's sometimes really really hard to leave and go to work but the -run and hug- from Brian and the baby grin from Sam when I get home let me know that they know how much I love them.
Dusty is working in Pinedale this week so we're missing him a bunch.
I just signed up for facebook so I can try to keep in touch with everyone. I'm not very picky but sometimes I just wich everyone would belong to the same blog/facebook/email or whatever so we wouldn't all have to have a million different sign-ins and passwords.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Favorite Boys

I really wanted to upload some pictures of our recent vacations but we really didn't take any pictures! So I found these recent ones of my favorite boys. Dusty is such an awesome dad. He takes Brian almost everywhere with him and they have a blast. Grandma Allen got this shirt for Brian and all her grandkids in while we were in Las vegas. It's the little things in life that count. Always remember that. These are two of my favorite people. I just love to see their smiles and hear them laugh.