Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grandma Tolman

My Grandmother, Maurine Elison Tolman passed away Saturday in her sleep. Yesterday we had the funeral services to celebrate her 91 years of life. What an amazing woman!
These are a few things I learned about her and a few memories I have. She and grandma purchased a country store and had the business loan payed off in 8 years. They borrowed $12,000 to build a house and had that debt payed off in 3 years! The metal spatula that had two burned dents in the tip was a result of my aunt sticking it in between a plug and outlet in order to remove the plug. I have seen and used this spatula which Grandma had for well over 50 years. The same aunt tried to throw it out one visit but saw it in the drawer the next time she came. She was a master seamstress and quilter. She worked daily to do her best in all she did, even if it meant ripping out a zipper to do it again. She was frugal, never wasting and she always made sure she had her debts paid, even if it was $3 because one of us brought her a gallon of milk. I remember her smile and laugh. Here she is at our wedding almost 7 years ago.

All 24 of her grandchildren were able to come from as far away as Boston, Texas, and Hawaii. It was wonderful to see all my cousins! As I reflect on my grandma and her legacy, I am so grateful for such an amazing example to follow. I rejoice that she is rejoined with her beloved husband after 11 years. It's interesting how a funeral puts things into perspective. Life really is about family, loving and striving to do your best. All the other stuff is just stuff. I love you Grandma and hope I will be able to live up to your legacy.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian!!!

Brian turned 5 yesterday! I can't believe I have a 5-year-old! We had a family birthday party on Monday and then Friday afternoon, we had a little friend birthday party.

"Crazy Clarence"
came to teach the kids how to make balloon dogs. (When I asked Brian what kind of party he wanted, he said one with balloons so we had lots and lots of balloons).

Crazy Clarence blew up the clear balloon with a birthday dollar in it and made it into a dog for Brian. He was so fun! The kids just loved him- when's the last time you saw 4/5 year-olds sitting this still?

Brian can write his name with a little help spelling. He loves to put things together-like legos. He also really love to tie things-like stuffed animals on a "leash". He is starting to do kind things on his own which is really neat for me to see. He's also learning how to be mischievous. He loves putting things in his pockets and dressing in layers. We love you Brian! You really are the coolest 5-year-old!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Every Day Life

We love having friends over, usually for dinner, and sometimes to play games too. My friend Chelsea loves to take pictures and she's so much better at remembering than I am. She took these when they came over for Family Home Evening last week. I often feel unaccomplished, or that it takes me forever to get anything "done" but I'm starting to relax about it and realize that this life is so much more than checking off your To Do List. I have such a full life and I enjoy so many people and things, it's really okay that the laundry is never done the quilt that's been sitting for over a year and a half will probably sit for another year or more. Here's to every day life with (drawings of) friends, smiles, and messy pudding faces.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nathan turned 6 months Jan. 12th. He is eating all kinds of solids (well baby foods and teething biscuits and tastes of everything else). He is crawling ALL over the place. We got a new puppy for Christmas and Nathan heads straight for his dog food. I'm feeling not quite ready for a mobile baby but glad he's happy. He also cut his 1st tooth this week. After an ear infection and baby bronchitis, we're glad the tooth is in and Nate is finally feeling better.I know there's a lot of hype with New year's resolutions but I've decided to make 2011 my lose all the baby weight year. My sister and I started a blog: to help us out. Our goal is to put $5 in a jar for every pound we lose from now until June 1 and then we're going on a shopping spree!! (I just have to resist things like these amazing cupcakes someone just decided to bring us.. um thank you?)

Dusty is in another semeste
r of school and finally taking his last two general classes which he's thrilled about! He will be looking for an internship this Spring/Summer.
Brian got a cap gun and a remote control car for Christmas that he is just loving. We also got a Wii which he asks to play about 10 times a day. I can't believe how quick the kid is addicted to gaming. We had to set limits right away which so far, he's been really good about.
Samantha has started calling me "Grandma" because she's the "Mommy" taking care of all the babies, including Nathan. I'm not sure how I feel about being a grandma at 27. (This is our new puppy-Cody)