Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grandma Tolman

My Grandmother, Maurine Elison Tolman passed away Saturday in her sleep. Yesterday we had the funeral services to celebrate her 91 years of life. What an amazing woman!
These are a few things I learned about her and a few memories I have. She and grandma purchased a country store and had the business loan payed off in 8 years. They borrowed $12,000 to build a house and had that debt payed off in 3 years! The metal spatula that had two burned dents in the tip was a result of my aunt sticking it in between a plug and outlet in order to remove the plug. I have seen and used this spatula which Grandma had for well over 50 years. The same aunt tried to throw it out one visit but saw it in the drawer the next time she came. She was a master seamstress and quilter. She worked daily to do her best in all she did, even if it meant ripping out a zipper to do it again. She was frugal, never wasting and she always made sure she had her debts paid, even if it was $3 because one of us brought her a gallon of milk. I remember her smile and laugh. Here she is at our wedding almost 7 years ago.

All 24 of her grandchildren were able to come from as far away as Boston, Texas, and Hawaii. It was wonderful to see all my cousins! As I reflect on my grandma and her legacy, I am so grateful for such an amazing example to follow. I rejoice that she is rejoined with her beloved husband after 11 years. It's interesting how a funeral puts things into perspective. Life really is about family, loving and striving to do your best. All the other stuff is just stuff. I love you Grandma and hope I will be able to live up to your legacy.