Sunday, October 12, 2008


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1. I always do things in the same order-like the dishes-first the silverware and cups. Then bowls then plates, then everything else.
2. It doesn't bug me to have a dirty house when someone comes over but I usually clean it up while they're here. Especially if they have kids. Silly, I know.
3. I don't like to get ready for the day if I have any "work" to do. I'll just put grubby clothes on until after I mop the floor or weed.
4. I have to put the clothes from the washer right into the dryer. If they sit longer than an hour or two I have to wash them again.
5. I never really measure exactly when I'm cooking either.
6. I hate having snot in my nose. It's a gross quirk, I know. But I'm always blowing my nose.

I tag:
Rhonda (you really already did it so we're both off the hook)

Happy Quirking!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm really glad we can drive and own cars and have nice roads and maps and everything. Dusty's been working out of town lately. It's been pretty tough having him away. This week he is in Afton, Wy. It's only a two hour drive from home so I decided to go suprise him for a visit. I have two days off work because of "fall break". It was a really gorgeous drive--reminded me of the canyon between Logan and Brigham City. I'm finally beginning to accept that it's fall and be excited about all the leaves changing colors.

Anyhow, so I show up in Afton (by myself with two kids mind you) and I have to use the bathroom really bad so I get samantha's carrier out and then unbuckle Brian and head into the Cheveron. but there is no BATHROOM. So the attendent says, "just head next door to subway" Subway is not next door, it's past a tire shop, kings and a couple other shops. Not that I'm against walking or anything but a 16 lb baby in a carseat in one arm and a toddler hanging on the other arm just doesn't make a quarter mile all that pleasant. So we used the bathroom, changed diapers etc. etc. A half hour later we get back to the car and call Dusty to find out where the hotel is. We had a great visit and Daddy was WAY excited to see us all.

I'm really glad we can drive.