Sunday, January 29, 2012

December 2011

Christmas!!! Our kids are super spoiled and got 3 "Christmas Days" We had Santa come and opened presents early. Then we did Christmas with my parents before we left for AZ. Then we had presents down there too. It's hard to keep the true meaning of Christmas in Christmas but we had a really neat story time and discussion on our Christmas Eve about Mary, Joseph and Jesus. We really felt the Spirit and I hope to make that part of our Traditions every year.

November 2011

Jennifer and her family moved to Arizona for Tyler's new job in July. We really missed them this Thanksgiving. One tradition Jen started was to have the females do a craft of some kind while the menfolk were busy watching football. We wanted to keep this tradition going and this is what we came up with.

October 2011

It's Halloween time again!!! Even in all the craziness of me working 3 jobs, I made time to make a few things for costumes. Brian's request was to be a wizard so we all piggybacked. We also had a blast carving pumpkins with some friends.

September 2011

Brian goes to School!!!

Technically, Brian's 1st day of school was in August but who's counting? This is a self-portrait just to show how fast this guy is growing up. We went to a meet and greet night at the school the night before the big day to take in school supplies, find Brian's desk and meet his teacher. Mrs. Clark is amazing! At our first parent-teacher conference, she confided in me that Brian had a really time at first paying attention and following directions. Well apparently, the children earn a sticker each day they have good behavior and Brian didn't get all his stickers. So the first day most of the children got prizes, Brian did get one and threw a little fit. However, the following school day, "I had a whole new Brian!" said his teacher. She asked him about his change in behavior and Brian looked at her and said, "I'm gettin my sticker!" Atta boy! He's been doing really well ever since.
We also had a family outing to go get firewood. While Dad and Dusty were busy with the chainsaw, the kids and I found this amazing black catapiller.
Another fun thing that happened was we got a "Roommate" Lacie Weaver, Sarah's best friend, moved into the room downstairs to abide her time until it was her term to start at BYU-I. She asked if she could paint and boy did she paint!

August 2011


We were all so excited for this trip. A true vacation. Mom and Dad Allen were the only ones who could make it- they brought Grandma Black so it was pretty quiet but still a blast! Yes, that is Brian and Samantha in a canoe by themselves. I about had a heart attack but Brian's a pretty good driver. Dusty kept telling me, he'd jump in if he had too. The view of the ranch from about halfway up the mountain. Dusty driving the kids around at the annual Lake George Tractor Pull. Dusty drove in the main event too. Our family ready for our hike up to potato rock (or balanced rock) and the most beautiful rainbow!! Almost every afternoon, there was a thunderstorm. The were so amazing to watch. Our tent help up perfectly and we were super comfortable and dry. What an amazing piece of heaven on earth.

July 2011

Because we had such a busy summer and their birthdays are close together, we had a double birthday party for Nathan's 1st and Samantha's 3rd. What fun!

June 2011

For a family reunion, we stayed at a lodge at Brian Head, UT. It was 9,000+ in elevation. Literally felt on top of the world. The views were awe-inspiring. We had fun but it was tough to keep tabs on all the kids. I kept having nightmares of them falling of the side of the mountain! We got to all go for a horse back ride, sit in the hot tub, play lots of ping pong, visit, learn some really neat things from our relatives and eat, eat, eat. Oh and Brian thought it was pretty cool that the place we went had the same name as he did!

May 2011

It's 2012 already and I totally dropped the ball with blogging every month like I had planned. Maybe it's because I made a commitment and didn't keep it, maybe it's because my pictures are finally organized, maybe it's because I'm a little shocked January 2012 is already over and I'm not quite ready for a new year, maybe I'm just a little too sentimental- whatever the reason, here are are the posts for the rest of 2011.

May 2011

We took a really long but wonderful trip the end of May/ beginning of June. We started out in Oregon at Jared and Mackenzie's wedding, a visit to Eagle Point for Whitley's blessing (Jess and Emma's baby), a short stay in Susanville with Jake and Shannon, and a few days in Las Vegas at Uncle Bill's place to do some concrete and visit with Dusty's family. Here are a few photos.