Monday, February 23, 2009

Dusty is joining the National Guard. He goes in for MEPS (his physical and stuff) on March 9th and they'll tell us then when he leaves for basic training. Believe it or not, I'm kind of excited. The whole being without a husband for 4 months is really going to stink but Dusty will get all his schooling paid for and we get health insurance and job placement assistance, and lots of other nice perks.
Brian turns three next week- April gave me the idea for a dinosaur cake. good one eh? We'll see if I pull it off. Maybe I'll do "Dragon Warrior" instead (He loves that movie).
Samantha is trying SO hard to walk. In fact when you go to sit her down on the floor, she just falls over because she won't bend her legs to sit down. She's a silly one.
Both are already in bed AND asleep! A miracle!!!
I'm currently involved in this weight loss contest so hopefully the pounds will keep coming off or I am going to be even poorer than a poor school teacher.
The temperature was actually above freezing today so hopefully Spring is on its way.
Garden or no Garden?