Saturday, January 24, 2009


One of my paraprofessionals went on a vacation to Las Vegas and brought back a couple of things for us to try-dried Dragonfruit and freeze-dried Rambutan (I think that's how you spell it)--a really spiky flower/fruit from Thiland. Dragonfruit is very bitter and the Rambutan very sweet.
Our week was that way-
I have decided not to return to work full time next school year. A decision that has me elated to be able to stay home with my two amazing kids but a little sad to leave the students and quite a bit nervous about how health insurance, retirement and all those bills are going to be paid. Every time I have felt nervous, however, I have felt wonderful reassurance and faith that we have made the right decision.
Then, on Wed. we recieved news that the twins Darci (my sister-in-law) was carrying passed away. She was 5 months pregnant. The twins were having problems and while Ben and Darci were trying to decide how best to help them, they passed away. They decided to bring them here to Rigby to bury with the family so next Monday we'll have little memorial service.
While we haven't met Hunter David and Reece Matthew, we still feel the loss and perhaps more, the loss of Darci. I am amazed at the love you can feel for two wonderful spirits without really knowing them. But then again, I think the reason we feel such a loss is because we DO know them. I find my self wondering what Hunter and David did in the pre-existance to ensure their exaultation. I know where they are along with my grandpas and I hope to also qualify for such a blessing.
Opposition is indeed bittersweet but if I had to eat a dragonfruit in order to taste a Rambutan, I'd take the dragonfruit.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Letter

Hello everyone!
I know I'm late but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! We had an amazing time in Arizona for the holidays. I sent this letter and picture out to some of you but here it is for everyone else. Rhonda, Bethany, I need your addresses again. :)

(You can't see it as well, but the letter spells our names going down.)

Dear Family and Friends,

Daddy of two now, I love to play with my son and daughter.
Unlucky for the elk I shot, our freezer is full of meat from my first harvest hunting.
Supposed to take some welding classes at night this Spring.
Tried school at BYU-I and did well, but decided it wasn’t for me.
Yelling the orders as a foreman building steel buildings.

Misses being home all day with the kids.
Evaluated with top marks as a Special Education Teacher at Midway Middle School.
Lucky to have the cutest, smartest, most amazing kids!
Amiably working with the children in Primary at church.
Nanny Evelyn cares for the kids while I’m at work.
Infinite blessings have been ours this year (finishing the re-modal).
Exercising every day to get in shape and loose baby weight.

Busy, busy toddler.
Really loves the snow!
Imagine the messes I can make and all the things I’m learning.
A really loving, helpful big brother.
Nearly 3 and loving nursery.

Silly and fun, I love to play any time of night or day.
Almost 6 months and 21 pounds.
Mantha is what my big brother calls me.
Almost always I sleep all through the night.
Nothing but cute, cute, cute.
Trying to crawl all over the house.
Hair’s all there but not very long.
All is well with my family.

We hope you had a great 2008
and an even better 2009!

Much Love,
The Allens