Sunday, May 4, 2014

More Adventures in Oklahoma

April 8 - May 4
We had to say goodbye to some friends on April 11th and I didn't like it one bit!  I'm not sure if I had any expectations about making friends here in Oklahoma but I sure didn't think I would meet and become such good friends with people so quickly!  I know it's probably hard for the kids to say goodbye to their friends but I honestly feel like they are too young to fully appreciate what the sentence, "We probably won't ever see them again." really means.  We did get to go to a goodbye party for them and we know that we can stay in touch.
Other than that, we've just done a lot of playing and exploring and learning.
Dusty has had quite an increase in his workload this week with a lot of new information to cover and a lot of tests and presentations (briefs).
Brian is really enjoying cub scouts and has earned his Bobcat.
Samantha is now doing homeschooling with Brian.
We celebrated Easter by giving talks in Sacrament meeting and completely neglected Easter Bunny duties. We continue to make new friends and grow closer to the ones we've made.
We have just over 2 weeks left and while we're all super excited to come home, it will be hard to leave our new friends.  Enjoy the pictures!

He was great dead old man.
Brian playing an old man during scout skit

Nathan Loves to fill up his shirt with rocks and send them down the slide!

On Saturday, April 12th we went up to Oklahoma City to go to a Science Museum.  It was a blast!
Tornado Tunnel

Hall of Mirrors

A giant mouth...

Fantastic Obstacle Course

I thought this was hilarious!

Playing with shapes

Wait... How many legs does that Elephant have?

Dusty must have shrunk!

Self-balancing scooters.  (I had a really hard time at first!)

I guess you can't really wear a blue shirt using a blue screen.

Nathan, Samantha, and Brian went on a mission to Mars!!!

Brian had to cook outside for a Cub Scout Requirement.  It didn't hurt Dusty's feelings that he got to help build the fire.  hehehe

Goofing around at home!

Easter Sunday- Some new friends invited us over for Easter Dinner.  They have a farm!  Mary was literally chasing the cows she was so excited!
Mary chasing the cows

Science Experiment for School

Balloon Rockets!

We saw Prairie Dogs driving through the Wildlife Refuge

This Bison walked right in front of our car!

Brian grew antlers!!!

Fancy old house this lady won in a lottery that we got to tour.

The day after it rained- Silly kids!

Snake! We saw while driving.

More Science Fun!

Mom!  I'm Handcuffed!

 The following pictures were taken from Fort Sill Days.  They have a parade (which was literally 12 horses) and a chuck wagon contest and a lot of beer.  We enjoyed some cupcakes from a bake sale and then skidaddled.  It was SUPER windy that day!

Brian found this at the hotel playground.

Last week we had a Frozen movie night with some friends who haven't seen it yet.  Their little girl and Nathan have become quite good friends.
This was from a previous trip to the museum.

Normally May day is one of my favorite little holidays and I completely neglected to do anything this year! Does anyone else celebrate May day?

Then another friend invited us over to do a Mother's Day Craft!!  I was way more excited than the kids to be able to get out the scissors and glue.

Saturday, May 3 we went up to OKC again to the zoo.  It was super crowded that day but we did get to see some animals we didn't see the last time we went.  We didn't get a picture but the peacock squawked and then displayed all its feathers right in front of us.  It was beautiful!

Mary really loved watching the sea lion.

We got to see both tigers!

We watched the giraffes eat.  They have super long tongues!

Just over 2 weeks left and then its home to Rigby!!!