Friday, May 31, 2013


Dusty Graduated!!!  with a degree in Automotive Technology from BYU-I and also commissioned as a lieutenant in the Army National Guard the same day. (He was super excited to "walk" to get his diploma cover-not hehe)  He got a job working as a mechanic right here in Rigby at Les Schwab and he is loving it!  He will go to Officer's training for almost 5 months starting January 2014 in Oklahoma.  We're not sure if we're going with him or staying here.

Melanie is keeping busy running after 4 kids and whoever else happens to be at our house (it seems there are always extras). She also jogged/walked a 5k race the end of April.  The kids did the kids' race and had a blast!  Brian and Samantha started playing on a "homemade soccer team".  A bunch of us get together once a week and have the kids draw a marble to see if they're on the blue team or the red team, parents take turns coaching and we just play.  a game for the younger kids and a game for the older kids.  It's so fun and the best part is that it's free!

Brian finishes 1st grade today!  He is becoming quite a good little reader and a whiz at math. He is excited for the extra playtime summer will offer.  His class put on a little show for the parents with songs and a showcase of all their projects.  He and his friends have recently been playing super heros with stick swords and trash can shields (why do we spend money on toys?!?)

Samantha "graduated" from preschool and is excited to start kindergarten in the fall.  She still loves to sing and imaginative play.  She's also trying to master a 2-wheel bike so she can ride to school like Brian.  I am amazed at her persistence to keep trying!

Nathan broke his arm last Monday jumping/falling off Brian's bed (it's a built-in bed about 4 ft off the ground).  He has since taken his cast (yes the hard cast) off 3 times!  He keeps telling me, "it's better now!" trying to convince me he doesn't need it on anymore.  You wouldn't know it was broken the way he just keeps playing!  What a tough kid!

Mary is just growing more and more round.  Everyone she meets comments on what a chubby and happy baby she is.  She can definitely make her opinions known but most of the time she is all smiles.  She's rolling over and starting to scoot backwards across the room.  She'll be 6 months next week.