Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here is my handsome little knight and his friend the pirate. They had a blast playing with thier swords. Brian's got broken before we even got to the ward Halloween party though. hehe. I made Dusty a matching knight tunic but apparently we didn't get a picture of daddy knight and his little knight in training.

Then I made Samantha and I matching "Maiden" outfits. I had so much fun and eveyone loved them. Evelyn, our nanny made Samantha's headband to match her costume. We had a blast. This picture really doesn't do justice to our little princess but she was just beautiful.

Picture Tag

I got tagged again to post certain pictures of my house.
I tag:
Deb(She already did it)
(I've never seen your houses!)
and April (she has some way cute decor'-or however you spell that)

So here's the list of pictures (I did a few more because we're just finishing up a remodal.)
Kitchen Sink
Laundry Room
Favorite Room
Favorite Shoes
(I think that's all)
Here is goes...

My Closet- This is one part of the remodel that is not finished. Those shirts are "line" drying.

This is our Theater Stadium seating in our basement. The gold couch in the back actually rocks. (it's really nice for when I'm trying to put Samantha to sleep.

This is Brian's playroom under the stairs.

He loves to draw on the chalkboard-He also likes to draw on the walls so we have to be careful.

This is my craft/hobby room that is a complete disaster but at elast it's clear enough so I can use the treadmill.

This is our TV. Our projector uses the entire wall between the two cubbies. The cubby on the left hold videos and the one on the right is the dvd player, amp, VCR etc.
This would probably be my favorite room.

This is our computer "closet" off the front room. We want to put really nice doors here someday but that would cost money. It's really not organized yet but you get the idea.

Laundry room... with storage for picture waiting to be hung up.

My favorite shoes.

Self-portrait... Just to explain, I took this in the middle of the night when Samantha decided she was WIDE awake and wanted to crawl around and play instead of go back to sleep. (I normaly don't look quite that bad.

My fridge.
Not to bad eh?

Our guest bath.
Notice the daisies. ;)

This is Brian's room with his built-in bed. We want to put a slide from the bed to the floor in that back corner. You can't see it, but there are stairs going up to the bed on this front side.

This is our dining room. I painted it last Thanksgiving with my mom and sister. I did the "foe" or texture painting. It turned out really nice. I'm really pleased with it.

The kitchen. The young women in the ward called asking if they could come do a service project for me after Samantha was born so I had them come paint. They painted Brian's playroom, and these daisies in my kitchen. Aren't they wonderful!! In the middle part above the sink, I'm going to put one of those vinal lettering sayings. I haven't decided yet what to write. Any ideas?

My kitchen sink, complete with dirty dishes. I decided if I waited until it was clean, I wouldn't get the pictures taken. It's been weeks already.

Well, there's a sneak peak into my house. we have lots of room for anyone who would like to visit (hint hint) ;)
I didn't post any pictures of Samanth's room because it's not quite done but you can be ready to be dazzled!!!