Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Third Trimester

I'm getting comfortable in my thrid trimester. Today I realized that me, my pregnant belly, and the vacuum would not fit in the extended cab of our truck that I was trying to clean. I also started crying after I couldn't get the printer to work (who knew a printer could make you cry?). But on the upside, I'm feeling fabulous and I am still able to chase Brian and Sam around- at least somewhat successfully. We're getting excited to welcome our baby here in a few months. Brian asks about him a lot and Samantha is showing more and more interest in dolls-expecially dressing them (okay, I'm sure it's just developmentally appropriate for her age but just let me think she's itching to help out). Just out of fun... here are my just before delivery pictures with Brian and Sam. (I've been feeling HUGE already so this is to prove to myself I'm still not 9 months pregnant.) hehe.