Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet (and Sour) Summer

I was SO excited for this summer.  I made up a little schedule for me and the kids so we could have plenty of fun but get the work done too.  Well, all I can say is... "life is what happens while making other plans."

The week before Memorial Day and the end of school, Nathan broke his arm.  I wasn't in the room so we're still not exactly sure what happened but he either jumped (and got his feet caught), was pushed, or just fell off Brian's elevated bed landing on his hand and then over onto his back.  He wasn't really crying very hard but definitely favoring his arm.  Luckily, or should I say blessedly, my good friend showed up moments later to pick up her daughter who I'd been tending and offered to take the other kids so I could take him in.  I took the Ipad with us and by the time we saw a Dr. I was ready to just go home because he was so calm but boy am I so glad I went in!

Then, we took an impromtu trip to Arizona to be with Devin in the Temple as he went through for the first time.  It was so neat to be there with all of Dusty's siblings including (I believe) his older brother who passed away when he was young.  It was a really quick trip but so nice to see Dusty's  family and I actually got to hang out with Darra and Daphnie for some excellent girl time!

The next week, while finishing up the lawn/yard work, I was opening a large black garbage bag to go pick up some grass clippings and stepped on an old metal snow shovel that the kids had been playing with.  I fell over and was in a great deal of pain.  Blessedly, it was Dusty's day off.  I sent the kids to get him and he helped me up and after trying several times to put weight on the foot, Dusty just scooped me up like we were newlyweds and carried me to the couch!  Mom came over to stay with the kids and we were back to the Dr. just 2 weeks after Nathan's accident.  The x-ray tech said, "You're supposed to get one bone healed before you break another!"  Well the PA said the x-ray looked shadowy because of the inflammation and to come back in 1 week.  They sent me home in a walking boot and I was still in some pain but at least I could hobble along.  Well a week later with my frequent Dr. visit card in tow, they took another x-ray and confirmed the fracture advising me to go "non weight bearing" for at least 2 weeks.  I said, "I know this sounds bad, but is that really necessary?  I have a 6-month-old baby who weighs 25 lbs."  He assured me that it was and gave me a Rx for crutches.  Well I tried using though crutches- impossible!  I called back and asked that the Dr. look at my x-rays.  They called back the next day and said I would be okay in the walking boot if I was careful.  So for the next 2 weeks, I walked as little as possible.  Mom was super awesome and came over almost every day to help me for a while but when she and Sarah took the kids to the park for Stampede days and Brian ran off- twice- I think she was ready to be done with my family for a while. haha.  So after 2 weeks I went back for another set of x-rays.  The verdict- the bone is healing really well!!!  I have to wear the walking boot for 3 more weeks while out and about but I can start going without it in the house as long as I'm careful!  It couldn't come at a better time because Idaho picked this week to jump the temperatures to the high 90s and that boot is hot!!!

Meanwhile, Nathan figured out how to take his hard cast off and then dunked it in the mud so we got to go back to the Dr. several times for him as well.  Baring any other accidents, we will be able to resume our summer plans!  We've been going to the kids movies (6 of us in for only $1.50!), summer reading program at the library, splash park and meeting up with friends.  Hopefully a trip or 2 to Rigby Lake and at least one to Rexburg Rapids will be perfect for this hot weather!  The kids start swimming lessons next week and then we leave for Colorado to the Fillmore Family Reunion!!!

Brian has been playing with lots of friends and creating lots of mischief (like cutting a hold in the trampoline!) but he is actually rising to the occasion of completing his chores and helping when I ask.  He and Samantha also started taking piano lessons from Grandma Fillmore!

Samantha celebrated her 5th birthday with the requested super hero birthday party theme and received her desired scooter.  Hopefully she'll be able to ride something with Brian to school in the fall.

Nathan will turn 3 next week and I'm dragging my feet with starting potty training.  He'll go sometimes but others refused and I really don't want another 3-4 year-long accident ordeal with him!  I figure we'll wait until we get back from Colorado and then hunker down and get to business.

Mary turns 7 months tomorrow.  She is eating 3 meals a day, usually with the family but still taking bottles inbetween.  She can roll over, sit up (though she's still a little unsteady) and can wiggle to wherever she wants to go.  She kind of looks like an inch worm getting up on her hands and knees and then lurching forward.  hehe.  They're so fun!

Dusty is working over 50 hours/week and is having a hard time dividing his remaining time between his many pursuits.  He is such a wonderful husband and father and always puts us first.  He's working on restoring the 50s Chevy truck putting a diesel motor and new transmission in it.  He's finishing our bathroom remodel and also taking care of a lot of outside things like mowing the lawns that I was helping with before my foot incident.  He still wants to reload and is forever trading/changing guns.  Who knows if he'll ever be satisfied with what he has. hehe.

I did something that I swore I would never do and became a distributor for a direct sales company called It Works!  They sell the crazy wrap thing!  It's a body contouring wrap that tightens, tones and firms your skin reducing the appearance of cellulite.  It's pretty cool but I actually decided to sign up so I could use their supplements at a discount (or hopefully free if I get more team members!).  The supplements are helping with my insulin resistance and if I could get exercising, I can finally lose all this weight I'm tired of carrying around.

Dusty goes to BOLC at Fort Sill, Oklahoma starting the first of January 2014 and some friends int he military clued us in as to how we can go with him.  We will be staying in a 2 bedroom "hotel" room for $7.25/night with maid service and continental breakfast.  It will be quite an adventure but we're excited to be able to stay together!