Sunday, April 7, 2013

Faith in the Basics

This weekend was General Conference. I always really look forward to General Conference and the hope it brings.  I heard several speakers talk about how bad the world is in terms of morality and social ills but all of them also said that we, who are on the Lord's side, and our kids, will come out on top if we just stick to the basics.  Usually I approach general conference with a lot of prayer and specific questions or concerns so I'm more ready to receive the personal revelation about what I can do to improve myself, my life and our family. However, it seems that lately someone is always hitting fast forward and I find myself lucky to get a shower, let alone time to meditate and I approached conference this year a little disappointed in myself, having only said a quick prayer here or there this week in preparation.

Leave it to the Lord to bless even our smallest efforts!  Even though Dusty was at drill all weekend and my children were.... well children making it hard to pay attention, I was able to watch all 4 sessions of conference.  While getting kids snacks, feeding Mary, kissing owies, breaking up sibling fights, and doing all that other stuff moms do all day long, I was able to catch just the right snippets I needed.
 (I don't know who said what because it was pretty much impossible to take any kind of notes but this is what I gleaned)
#1 Being a mother is THE most important thing I will do- ever.
#2 My marriage is so good because I'm doing the little, daily things that make the biggest difference.
#3 I need to speak to my children in a "mild" voice.
#4 My faith- no matter where it is- is enough!  I need to start with what I have and ask for help if I need more.

I hope it is a positive sign that I found more hope and more, "Hey, I'm already doing that!" this conference.  It may not always seem like it on a day to day basis and I still am afraid I end more days with a frown than a smile but I am on the right track and that feels wonderful!

And... since I didn't blog last month, here's a little update.

Mary is now 4 months old.  She loves to talk and giggle and smile but when she wants something, boy does she let you know!
Nathan had a tonsillectomy after his 3rd bout of strep throat in 4 months (which was also accompanied by RSV and influenza!).  His recovery was super great and fast until he caught bronchitis.  Poor boy, but he was such a trooper.
Samantha is officially registered for Kindergarten in the fall and she is so excited!  (princess self-portrait with her own camera)
Brian celebrated his 7th birthday! ( made him this robe)
Melanie is working hard to lose weight and prepare for a 5k later this month.
Dusty has been busy with research papers and projects and labs and finals and will graduate next week!!!