Thursday, June 21, 2012

Project Project Project

After losing my job in March and with Dusty being gone for part of the summer, I have immersed myself in sewing and craft projects.  Here are some of them.  Chore charts mostly to help me remember to have the kids help with stuff.  Yes, I did one for me too to help me track what I've done and still need to do.   

 We took this great picture to send to Dusty for Father's Day.  (It supposed to read We Love Dad but it was hard to get Nathan to keep his feet up.)

Mom and Lacie helped me scrap, sand, clean and paint the bathroom.  It's so amazing how great a facelift can help you feel.  A happy house is a happy mama!

I made this dress by re-purposing an old, battered, stained prom dress (the picture of me at my Senior prom is before the dress got old, battered and stained).  Samantha absolutely LOVED her new princess dress which I was able to finish in time for her to wear for her birthday party.  
A few other things I've done:  The headband to go with the dress.  Ribbon wands to go with the dress for the party.  A set of doll clothes for a second hand Cabbage Patch doll for Samantha's main Bday gift (I really should take a picture of it).  A cover for our camping pad.  And a pinata for a family reunion.  I've gotten a lot of ideas from pinterest and I have a ton more I want to try!  Maybe I need to start a craft blog.  haha!