Monday, February 22, 2010

February Fun

In February, Dusty's dad called and asked if he wanted to come work for a week so we packed up and headed back to sunny AZ. It was a bit nicer than in Dec. (warmer and a few less people-we love family but everyone together gets a little hectic). Here are some fun pictures from our trip. Dusty actually really enjoyed working with his dad and I had a blast hanging out with mom and the kids. We were outside every day!

Brian and Lily playing "dogs" in the yard. I don't think Brian was actually eating anything.

Samantha and Macie exploring the jungle.

The kids making bubble beards.

The orange vehicle is actually a modified VW bug.

Dusty and dad went to California to buy it while we were there. The 14 hour trip turned into over 30 hours because they had car trouble-go figure.

But meanwhile, Mom and I read the third book in Robyn's series while they were gone. The perfect ending!

Christmas Joy

Here are a few pictures from Christmas. We had "Santa" come early to our house so we didn't have to take presents to AZ. Samantha LOVED her new doll and stroller.

We also celebrated early with my family. All of us kids went together and got mom a modern picture display (The frames hang from the knobs with ribbon). She previously had all our pictures in mismatch frames on her china hutch. With beautiful vaulted ceilings and really empty walls, we figured it was time for a change. She absolutely loved it!

It's a Fillmore family tradition to do the nativity story with felt puppets. We've done it as long as I can remember. So know the grandkids are the main stars. Dusty and Tyler were the Stage (held up a sheet). This is everyone taking a bow after the show.

We travelled down to AZ for Christmas will all the Allens. Even Dusty's two half sisters and their families got to come from Oregon. It was a blast. This is Smantha playing with Grandma Black's airplane (cousin Macie in the background).

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season was so busy for us that we never sent out a Christmas/New Year's Greeting. We did get a family picture taken but only because Dusty is clever with the timer on our camera. Not to bad for the front yard eh? (The kids are looking at a rock I threw to try to get them to look at the camera, it worked until the rock fell-darn gravity!)