Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Busy Summer

 Nathan with his new Mouse (won at the fish pond at the Menan festivities 4th of July)
 Samantha posing! (Also 4th of July)
 The fish pond (4th of July)
 Bear in Yellowstone!!!
 All the cousins in Yellowstone.
 Gigantic Elk in Yellowstone!
Brian riding the train at the Fillmore reunion in Midway.

We've been busy!  We took a trip to Junction, UT for my mom's Tolman reunion.  Then Dusty left for LDAC.  Then we went camping and to Yellowstone with Mom and Dad, and Jen's family.  Then we left for the big Fillmore reunion in Midway, UT!  Whew!  The kids did awesome on all the outings except for a hysterical Nathan who woke up in a dark tent and couldn't find mom (I had to go potty!) but dad took us for a drive to calm him down.  I'm so grateful for such wonderful family and extended family and all the help I get when Dusty's away.  A couple of the pictures are from 4th of July festivities too!  It's the first year, we skipped the big fireworks but I don't think the kids missed them too much and I definitely did great without any tantrums or meltdowns that would have come from over tired kids.  Overall, it has been a fantastic summer with many more great memories to come.  I love our family!!!