Sunday, March 11, 2012

The good and the bad

The plane/pinata pre-paint.
Airplane cupcakes for the party guests (I'm so not an artist.)

Mad rush for all the candy!
Brian getting ready to take the first swing!!!

The family cake.

Brian turned 6! Time really does go by so fast! We celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa Fillmore's (It was gpa's bday too) and then he had a little birthday party. He wanted paper airplanes so we made the invitations out of paper airplanes which were hand delivered (how do you mail a paper airplane?) and then made a cardboard box airplane/pinata. We ended up with about 20 kids here which was a little crazy but a blast! I think everyone had a really good time except Nathan who was not ok with mommy giving so many other people her attention. In the end, he was just as excited as everyone else when all that candy fell. I think my favorite part about Brian's birthday this year are his facial expressions. You could tell when he opened a gift he really liked (or when he saw his party decorations) because his eyes got really big and he did this little pretend faint act. What a fun kid!

Oh a not so happy note, I lost my job doing program coordination for adults with disabilities. The state decided to go with one broker out of Boise for all program coordination. They only gave us 2 weeks to make the transition so after working a 60+ hour week, I am now in the market for a new job. It was such a hard week to say goodbye to all these families that I have really come to know and love. People with disabilities have an innocence and love for life that really puts things into perspective so it's doubly hard to see their programs cut (can't the government make budget cuts somewhere else?). While losing the job was a huge shock, the state had been talking about making these changes for some time so it wasn't a complete surprise. It feels nice to know I have my teaching certificate and a master's degree to "fall back on" but I'm really hoping for something part time so I don't have to leave my kids too much. Dusty and I were able to attend the Temple the weekend after I found out and gained the peace and reassurance that the Lord is watching over us and will provide a way for us to care for our family.