Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goofy Gigglers

Dusty and I went to Jackson Friday night to celebrate our anniversary (6 years!!!) and got home late Saturday night. Thank you to our nanny Evelyn who stayed with all three of our kids so we could get away. So this morning (sunday) was a pretty late/lazy morning. After breakfast, the kids were being pretty clinging so I sat and cuddled with them on the couch. Well Samantha looked at me and just started giggling, so of course I started giggling and she just laughed more and so did I. Dusty was talking on the phone to his mom at the time and just kept shaking his head at us. Brian just never caught on to the giggling thing... it must just be a girl thing. Here's to many more giggle sessions with my girl!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've had lyrics from a song on Princess Diaries running through my head:

I'm supergirl
And I'm here
To save the world
And I wanna know
Who's gonna save me?

Life with 3 kids is definatley overwhelming but worth ever minute! Nathan Ririe Allen came into our family on 7-12 weighing in at 10 lbs 1 oz. Now at 2 months he weighs 16 pounds! He's the most perfect baby! He started sleeping through the night a few weeks ago and his latest game is staring at you until you look at him and then giving you the biggest baby grin! He's also started to talk/giggle which is one of the greatest sounds on earth.
Samantha gets the biggest kick out of my kickname for him. Everytime I use is she repeats it with a questioning/humorous tone, "You call him bug-a-boo?" No clue where a came up with the nickname but it's sticking at least for now. Sam has also taken to carrying her doll around everywhere complete with bottle and blanket. Nathan's going to have to start fighting for his spot in the bouncer.
Brian is growing up so fast. He started pre-school today and just to prove to mama how big he is, he took his training wheels off (yes, Dusty handed Brian the wrench and let him have at it) and proceded to ride up and down the street! Yesterday, for family night, we went for a walk and Brian stops us and says, "I'm the leader. There. I said it." and keeps walking. Crazy kid!
Dusty is such a natural. You'd think he does better with 3 kids than just 2. Brian and Samantha are always just a step behind whenever he's out in the garage trying to work on stuff. Tonight he caught them eating an entire pack of gum hiding in the back of the van so at dinner he gave them tons of veggies and made them eat them all. I guess they'll think twice about eating that much gum again.
So aside from having to give myself new rules (1. Never take all 3 children to the grocery store. 2. Kids in pajamas all day is perfectly fine. 3. Dirty floors aren't that bad as long as I don't let the kids eat off them) to avoid the overwhelming/frazzled feelings, life jsut doesn't get any better than this.

Samantha's birthday cake back in June.

A week or two before I delivered.